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New Batches for 1.PYTHON (Core_Python+ Flask+ Django 2.2+ Data_Science+ Machine_Learning) from 13th,May--05:00PM @Karvenagar...................2.JAVA (Core_Java+ Advance_Java+ Hibernate 5.x+ Spring 5.x+ Spring Boot+ AJAX) from 16th,May--10:00AM @Karvenagar

course - Hibernate

Hibernate 5.x

Upcoming Batch for Hibernate

  • 16 May, 2019
  • 10.00AM
  • 50 seats

• Introduction to Hibernate 5.X

• Advantages over JDBC

• Has-A Relationship- [OneToOne, One ToMany, Many ToOne, ManyToMany]

• IS-A Relationship

• CriteriaBuilder

• Cache Mechanism- (First and Second Level)

• Named Queries

• Procedures Call