course - Selenium & Testing

Selenium & Testing

Starting a new batch for Selenium& Testing

  • 06 February 2020
  • 2 hours
  • 50 seats



Selenium is an open source, free automation testing tool used for web application testing. It is the most widely used tool now a days because of its extensive language and browser support. This course will cover selenium basics, selenium components, different types of selenium frameworks implementation by using Java language, TestNG, Cucumber test execution tools, project build management tool as Maven, Integrated development environment tool as Eclipse, continuous integration tool as Jenkins.



  • Knowledge of Manual Testing is required.
  • Core Java


Duration: 70 Hours


Training Highlights:

  • We cover the complete core java training from selenium point of view.
  • Trainers are experts in selenium tool and having years of industry experience.
  • This training covers advanced selenium course which focuses on automation framework.
  • We provide complete selenium tool training on live project which gives student hands of  experience in tool.
  • Provide Interview tips and assist in resume formation.



Selenium Syllabus

Selenium Basics

  1. Introduction to Automation Testing

    What is Automation Testing?

    Which Test Cases to Automate?

    Different Automation tools

    Automation Challenges & Mitigations


  1. Introduction to Selenium

    What is selenium?

    History and various versions of selenium

    Advantages of using Selenium over other tools

    Selenium components


  1. Selenium Web Driver 3.0

    What is a driver?

    Why Selenium Web Driver?

    What is a Selenium Web Driver?

    Automation Setup for Selenium Web Driver

    Configuration of Selenium Jar using Eclipse

    Setup for Firebug, Firepath for Mozilla Firefox browser

    Web Driver Interface Methods


  1. HTML

    HTML basics


  1. Locators

    Use of locators

    Different locators available in Selenium

  • ID
  • Name
  • Link text
  • Partial Link Text
  • ClassName
  • Tag name
  • Xpath,

Absolute Xpath

Relative Xpath

Dynamic Xpath

  • CSS

  1. WebElement

    Search WebElements on web pages

    Web Element Methods


  1. Synchronizing Test with Wait

    Implicit Wait

    Explicit Wait

    Fluent Wait

    With examples


  1. Action Interface and Action class


    Use of Action class

    Action class methods with description

    Building a series of multiple actions


  1. Miscellaneous Selenium scenarios

    Capturing Screen shots

    Alert and Pop up handling

    Frames handling


    Why we handle Cookie in Selenium?

    Cookies methods

    Multiple Window Handling

    Calendar handling

    Java Script injection

    Locate and handle web elements of Ajax framework

    Verifying statements


  1. Handling Web Tables

     What is Web Tables?

     Extracting values from Web Tables

     Static and Dynamic Web Tables


  1. Excel sheet Operations


      Read excel sheet with .xls & .xlsx format by using Apache POI jars

      Write excel sheet .xls & .xlsx format by using Apache POI jars



Advanced Selenium

  1. Framework Designing

     What is a Framework?

     Different Types of Framework

     How to Design a framework?

     Modular Testing Framework

     Data Driven Framework using Excel

     Downloading and configuration of Apache POI

     Executing Test cases from Excel

     Keyword Framework

     Hybrid Framework


  1. TestNG

    TestNG & TestNG features

    How to integrate TestNG with Eclipse

    Integration of Maven with TestNG by using POM file

    Parameterization by using Data Provider

    Parameterization by using testing.xml file

    TestNG listeners

    TestNG Annotations

    TestNG Assertions

    TestNG Reporting


  1. Properties File

    Creation of Properties File

    Properties Class

    Read/Write properties file with example


  1. Page Object Model


    Advantages of POM

    How to implement POM using Page Object and Page Factory by using Selenium WebDriver


  1. Log4j


    Log4j properties

    Integration of Log4j with Eclipse

    Use of log4j in Selenium framework


  1. Behavior driven development (BDD) framework using Cucumber

    What is BDD?

    Use of Cucumber tool to implement BDD framework

    How to convert User Story into scenario’s format

    Preparing Feature files having test scenarios

    Given, When, Then, And, But annotations and usage in features class

    Writing a step definition

    Writing Runner Class

    Passing parameters in Step Functions

    Using regular expression in step implementation to parameterize

    Parameterize complete scenario using features class

    Cucumber Annotations

    Data table in Cucumber and its implementation

    Pretty, Tags and Glue

    Cucumber HTML Reports Log4j Usage

    Using Assertions to report failure

    Running simple feature/Step scenario

    Handling multiple feature files

    Use log4j for reporting

    Executing project from eclipse

    Executing project from Maven

    Generating Junit, Cucumber reports

    Background and Pending Exception

    Implementing/deciding Tags

    Running all/limited tests


  1. Build Tools-Maven

    How to create a maven project in Eclipse

    Maven Build Cycles

    How to compile and Run tests using Maven


  1. Continuous Build Integration tools-Jenkins

    What is Jenkins and how to use it?

    Integration of Maven/TestNG/Jenkins/Selenium


  1. Selenium Grid

    Introduction & Architecture of Selenium Grid

    Configuration of Selenium

    Selenium Grid (Hub and Node)

    Writing a Sample Script using Selenium RC

    Some Practice and Sample Programming using Grid


  1. Auto IT


     Download file using Auto IT in Selenium Web Driver with example


  1. Java Database Connectivity (JDBC)


      Java Integration with database

      Fetching records from database and write on .xlsx  or .xls file by using Apache POI jars