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Angular Syllabus

Angulr Installation

Visual Studio Code

Angular Folder Structure

Angular Project Flow

Types of data bindings in Angular

String interpolation
Property Binding
Event Binding
Two Way Data Binding

Decorators used in Angular

a. @Component
b. @NgModule
c. @Injectable
d. @Input
e. @Output
f. @HostListner
g. @directives
h. @pipes
i. @contentChild
j. @viewChild

Pipes in Angular

What is pipes?
How to use pipes in angular?
Custom pipes
Predefine pipes

Directives in Angular

What is directives in angular?
How to use directives?
Structural directives
Attribute directives
Custom directives

Services in Angular

What is services in angular?
How to use services
How to generate services

Angular CRUD 5

Insert data to database
Get data from database
Update data in database
Delete data from database


How to install json-server
How to use json-server

Bootstrap and font-awesome library installation.

Angular material

Material table
Material form

Angular Forms

Template driven forms
Reactive forms
Form builder
Form Group
Form Contro


What is Routing?
Advantages of routing
How to use routing
Child Routing