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Spring IOC

What is Spring
Spring Modules
Spring Modules
Dependency Injection
Setter Based
Constructor Based
Spring IOC Container
Core Container
Advance /J2EE Container
Setter Based XML & Java Based:-
Setter Based
Primitive, Secondary, Array,C ollection, Injection
Constructor Based XML & Java Based:-
Primitive, Secondary, Array, Collection, Injection
Spring Bean life Cycle
Bean Scope
Scope Combination

Spring Web MVC

Features Of Web MVC
Life Cycle of Web MVC
DispatcherServet, Stereotype Annotation in MVC
Spring Form Validation
Spring Hibernate Integration (XML and Java Based)
Mini Project

Spring Boot

What is Spring Boot
Advantages Over Spring Web MVC
Removal Of XML Files
Simple Application Using Spring Boot
Spring Boot Actuator
Spring Boot Profiles(DEV,PROD,UAT)
Spring Boot With Data JPA (CRUD Repository)
Mini Project Using Spring Boot

Spring Boot JPA

What is Spring Boot JPA?
JPA Annotations
Curd Repository
JPA Repository
Custom Queries
Custom Queries
JPA Named Queries
@Query Annotation