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Power BI with Azure Cloud

Key Topics

Power BI
SQL Concepts
Azure Cloud Concepts
Azure BLOB
Azure SQL
Azure Analysis Service
Introduction to Azure data Factory

Power BI

Introduction to power bi
Creating and formatting a table visualization
Creating different visualizations-Matrices and bar charts
Adding more controls to visualizations
Other important visualizations
Measure performance by using KPI and gauges
Other Visualization items
Visualize and analyze the data
Get and transform data
Get data- Home
Getting multiple files
Transform menu
Transform- text and numbers
Transform- date and time
Add columns, view and help menus
View and help menu advanced
Get other type of data
Get and transform
Creating a data model
An introduction to DAX functions
Statistical functions
Mathematical functions
Text functions
Information functions
Filter and value functions
Time intelligence functions
Other important modelling and DAX topics
Introduction to Power BI service
Power bi Pro and adding users
Row and object level security
Manage datasets
Create and manage workspaces
Other power bi service topics

SQL Concepts

Overview and RDBMS concepts
Create databases
Integrity constrains
SQL statements
Functions and Operators
Order By, Group by and where clause
Having Clause and Top Clause
Union Clause
Null Values
Temporary table
Introduction to T-SQL, batch and control flow keyword, Begin… End
Working with variables
Go command
IF… Else statement
While loop, Try catch and WAITFOR
Stored Procedure

Azure Cloud Concepts

Introduction to cloud computing
What is Cloud?
What is Azure cloud?
Types of Services in Azure Cloud

Azure BLOB

Blob storage resources
Types of Blobs
How to Create Blob
Blob Connectivity with blob

Azure SQL

Create blank database in Azure SQL database
Create server level IP firewall rule
Connect with database
Create tables in database
Load data into tables
Query data
Connect azure SQL from Power BI

Azure Analysis service (Tabular Modelling)

Create service
Create data model and process
Deploy on Azure Cloud
Connect from Power BI

Introduction to Azure Data Factory More Assistance

Real time Project
Resume Preparation
Interview Questions and answers
Interview preparation