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Course - Webservice & Microservice

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Webservice & Microservice

Web Services

What IS Web Services
Type Of Web services.(REST and SOAP)
Hello World Example
HTTP Method & URI.
What IS ARC.
API Call using ARC.
What is POSTMAN.
Crud Operation Using POSTMAN.
Consume Web services using Rest Template API.
Communicate With Diff Application (UI, Consume and Produce)

Micro Services

What is Spring Cloud?
What is Micro services?
Diff between Web services and Micro Service.
Eureka server With Client Register.
Configure With Zuul Server.
Dynamically Routing With Load Balanced to an Application.
Micro services Consuming using Rest template.
Communication between UI micro service And Backend Micro services using Zuul and Rest Template.
Communication between Diff Client Micro services With DB Communication