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Cloud Computing

What is Cloud Computing?
Benefit of cloud computing
Overview of IAAS, PAAS, SAAS
Types Of Cloud private, public & hybrid

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Introduction to Amazon Webservices – Services Overview and AWS Infrastructure overview
Preparatory Topics – Virtualization, Networking and Storage concepts
AWS Management Console and AWS Account
Amazon EC2
Amazon EBS
Amazon VPC
Hands-on activity: Creating a VPC, Creating instances (VMs) on EC2 and configuring all necessary services, attaching EBS volumes, Elastic IPs, etc.
Overview – Object Storage, file shares and their use cases
Amazon S3, Glacier, (File Share Service), CloudFront
Amazon Cloudwatch – Monitoring service
Hands-on activity: Creating S3 buckets, putting and getting objects from S3, hosting a static website on S3.
Amazon ELB
Amazon Auto-scaling
Hands-on activity – configuration of auto-scaling rules and using them to automatically scale EC2 instances
AWS Database services overview
Hands-on activity – creating RDS instances, configuring Multi-AZ failover, accessing a database hosted on RDS.
AWS IAM overview
WS Devops services overview
Hands-on activitiy – Configuring a Git repository on Codecommit and working with the repository
Brief introduction to Infrastructure
Brief introduction to Infrastructure AWS Services Overview
Hands-on activity – creating and working with cloudformation templates and deploying a Stack using them.
AWS Services Overview – Application Services
Architecting with AWS
High Availability Design, Backup and DR
Cost Estimation using Simple Monthly Calculator
Hands-on Activity – configuring Simple Email Service (SES)
Brief introduction to Hadoop and Big-Data
AWS Service Overview – Elastic Mapreduce (EMR)
Q&A session for all previously covered topics, preparation tips for AWS SA-Associate Level Certification exam.
Hands-on workshop/Project: Deploying a 3-tier web-application using AWS services.
Bonus: Brief introduction to Vagrant and Chef.
Hands-on workshop/Project: Automated deployment of Test/Dev environments using Vagrant, Chef and AWS.

Microsoft Azure

Introduction to Azure
Azure Hosting Models
Azure Services
Subscribing to Microsoft Azure
Azure Portals
Azure Resource Group
Installing Microsoft Azure SDK
App Types
Deploying Web App directly from Visual Studio
Monitoring, Debugging and Diagnosis
Comparing SQL Azure Database to Azure / OnPremise SQL Server
Creating and Using SQL Server and SQL Database
Azure SQL Database Tools
About Azure Storage
Working with Storage Tables
Working with Azure Queues
Azure Service Bus
Service Bus Basics
Hosting WCF Service in Azure
Relayed Messaging
Service Bus Queues
Topics and Subscriptions

Azure IAAS Virtual Machine

Comparing VM with Web Apps and Cloud Services
Create a Windows Virtual Machine using Portal / PowerShel
Understanding and Capture VM Images
Deploy a New VM Instance from the captured Image
Deploy popular application frameworks by using Azure Resource Manager templates
Understanding and Creating Availability Sets.
Load Balancing between multiple Virtual machines