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Java | J2EE

Full Stack Java (Core Java & Advance Java)

JDK 1.8 New Features

Java 8 Interface default method
Java 8 Interface static Method
Java 8 Functional Interface
Java 8 Functional Interface Examples
Java 8 Lambda Expression
Java 8 for Each () Method
Java 8 Stream API
Java 8 Collection

Important Features of Java

History of Java
Important Features of Java
JVM Architecture
JDK 1.8, JRE and JVM
Java Keywords
Simple Hello World Program
Java Flow Control
Source File
Class and Objects
Data Types
Primitive Data Types
Non − Primitive Data Types
Instance & Static Variable
Static Block
Has-A Relation (secondary Reference)
Setter and Getter
Method return type (primitive type and class type)

Object Oriented Programming (OOPS)

Inheritance (IS-A)
Constructor and Inheritance
Inheritance with parent reference and Child constructor
Covariant Return Types
This/Super Keyword
Method Overloading
Constructor Overloading
Compile time Polymorphism
Method Overriding
@override Annotation
Abstract class
Marker Interface
Interface and Multiple Inheritance
Difference of Interface and Abstract class
Access Modifier
Data Hiding
Protected Access Modifier Implementation

Project on OPP’S Concept

Exception Handling

Exception Handling
What and Why? (Try, Catch, Finally, Throw, Throws, Try with Resources)
Try and catch block
Multiple catch blocks
Nested try
Finally block
Throw keyword
Exception Propagation
Throws keyword with Method Overriding
Throws keyword with Constructor
Custom Exception
Throw keyword and Custom Exception
JDK 1.7 Feature Auto-Closeable Interface
JDK 1.7 Feature try with Resources

String Handling

String: What and Why?
Immutable String
Methods of String class
Creating Immutable class

Collection Framework

Java Collection
Java List
Array List
Linked List
List and Sorting
List and Duplicate
Java Set
Tree Set
Linked HashSet
Nested Set
Nested Set
Linked Hash Map
Weak Hash Map
Weak Hash Map
List Iterator
Comparable & Comparator
Costume Sorting
Difference in Comparable and Comparator
Collection and Generics

Project on Collection Framework

Multi Threading-

Extends Thread Class
Implementing Runnable interface and Callable interface
Demon Thread & Non-Demon Thread
Inter Thread Communication (Producer-Consumer)
Thread Methods (sleep, join, yield etc.)


Synchronization: What and Why?
Synchronized method
Synchronized block
Static synchronization

Input and Output

File Writer & File Reader
Buffered Writer
Buffered Reader
Input from keyboard by Console
Input from keyboard by Scanner Class
Print Writer class
Reading and Writing data simultaneously


What is JDBC DBC Drivers
Steps to connect to the database
Connectivity with MySQL
Driver Manager
Connection Interface
Statement Interface
Prepared Statement
Prepared Statement
Callable Statement
CRUD Operations

Project on JDBC

Hibernate 5.X

ORM (Object Relational Mapping)
Advantage of ORM
ORM Tools List
Hibernate architecture
Hibernate with JPA
Installation and Directory Structure
Hibernate and Annotation
Hibernate Configuration File
Hibernate with Java Based (Zero XML file)
Hibernate Utility file
Load and get method difference
save, server Update, persist method
Inheritance in Hibernate (IS-A)
Hibernate Mapping (Has-A)
Hibernate Query Language (HQL)
Hibernate Annotations
Caching in Hibernate
First Level Cache
Second Level Cache
Scalar queries
Native SQL
Criteria Builder
Name Queries
Criteria Builder
Hibernate Transaction Management
CRUD Operations

Project on Hibernate

Spring IOC-

What is Spring
Spring Modules
What is IOC
Spring IOC Container
Bean Factory/Core Container
Application Context/Advance /J2EE Container
Spring Bean life Cycle
Bean Scope
Singleton Scope
Prototype Scope
Lazy and Eagar Loading Concept
Scope Combination
Dependency Injection
Setter Based
Constructor Based
Spring IOC Container
Setter Based XML & Java Based
Primitive and Secondary
Constructor Based XML & Java Based: -
Primitive and Secondary
By Name
By Type

Spring Web MVC:

Spring MVC
Features Of Web MVC
Life Cycle of Web MVC
Execution Flow of MVC
Create the Request and view Pages
Create Controller
Configure Dispatcher Servlet
Configure view Resolver
Stereotype Annotation in MVC
o @ Component
o @ Controller
o @ Service
o @ Repository
Spring MVC
o @ Request Mapping
o @ Request Param
o @ Path Variable Handler Mapping Controller Class
View Resolvers
Spring Hibernate Integration (XML and Java Based)

Project on Spring MVC

Spring Boot

Spring Boot Introduction
Spring Boot Features
Advantages Over Spring Web MVC
Creating Spring Boot Application Using Maven
Using Spring Initializer (
Using Spring STS IDE
Removal of XML Files
Simple Application Using Spring Boot
Spring Boot Starters
Spring Boot Application Annotation
Spring Application Class
Spring Boot Actuator
Embaded Servlet containers
Spring Boot Profiles
Spring Boot with Data JPA (CRUD Repository)

Spring Boot JPA

What is Spring Boot JPA?
JPA Annotations
Curd Repository
JPA Repository
Custom Queries
Using Method Name
Using Method NameJPA Named Queries
JPA Named Queries