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1. What is C & Why C is used?
C is one of the oldest and fastest programming language.
It was developed by Dennis Ritchie at Bell Laboratories USA in 1977.
It's program syntax is easy to learn and read, this makes debugging code more accessible and faster.

2. Uses of C?
C language is used to program a wide variety of systems.
Some of the uses of C are as follows:
1. Major parts of windows, Linux and other operating systems are written in C.
2. C is used to write driver programs for devices like Tablets, Printers, etc.
3. C Language is used to program embedded systems where programs need to run faster in limited memory(Microwave, Cameras, etc ).
4. C is used to develop games an area where latency is very important i.e. Computer has to react quickly on user input.
5. Development of Programming languages like C++, C#, Python, etc.

3. Applications of C Language-
The development of system software and desktop applications is mostly accomplished via the use of C programming.
The following are some examples of C programming applications.
1. Operating Systems
2. GUI (Graphical User Interface)
3. Google
4. MySQL
5. Gaming and animation.

4. Reasons to Select C Programming?
1. Ease of learning
2. Adaptability
3. Flexibility
4. Portability
5. Best for system programming and developing Operating systems
6. Best for game development
7. Best for developing networking protocols
8. Suitable for Scientific computing
9. Useful in embedded systems
10. Designing database management systems

5. Why learn C in 2024?
C and C++ continue to be valuable languages in the programming landscape:
Foundational Knowledge:C and C++ provide a strong foundation in programming concepts, memory management, and system-level understanding.
Learning these languages enhances your overall understanding of how computers work.

6. List of C Companies still using C language-
1. Apple :- For building visualization tools
2. Facebook :- For scripting and automation
3. Google :- For write product or system development code
4. Microsoft :- For designing databases
5. Nvidia :- For developing product code
6. YouTube :- For developing web applications
7. Redhat :- Optimize backend services
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